The Peripheries of Our Solar System and the Search for Planet X

In 2015, astronomers at Caltech proposed the existence of a giant planet residing in the outer solar system. While this planet, called Planet X or Planet 9, was hypothesized based on mathematical modeling and computer simulations as opposed to observations, its existence would help explain the abnormalities in the orbits of a handful of majorContinue reading “The Peripheries of Our Solar System and the Search for Planet X”

Exotic Energy Concepts

With the pressing concerns regarding climate change, alternative sources of energy have been a prevalent topic of discussion. These sources range from feasible ideas such as nuclear power to ideas a bit more far fetched, such as harnessing energy from waves. While the alternative energy sources in question are all relatively feasible, there are someContinue reading “Exotic Energy Concepts”

Parker Solar Probe: Understanding Coronal Dynamics

Launched on August 12th, 2018, the Parker Solar Probe will make the closest approach to the Sun in history. Over a time period of roughly seven years, PSP will use Venus for gravitational assist to make successively closer approaches to the Sun at distances as small as 4 million miles from the sun’s surface. PSPContinue reading “Parker Solar Probe: Understanding Coronal Dynamics”

WFIRST: The Newest Vanguard of the Mission to Understand Dark Energy

At some point this decade, a new space observatory will be launched into orbit; one unlike any that we have seen before with extraordinary equipment and capabilities. WFIRST, the Wide-Field InfraRed Survey Telescope, could potentially revolutionize what astronomers know about our universe and how it behaves by focusing on three major categories: dark energy, exoplanetContinue reading “WFIRST: The Newest Vanguard of the Mission to Understand Dark Energy”

How a Solar Eclipse Revolutionized Our Understanding of the Universe

Up until the early 20th century, the laws that our universe abided by were best described by Isaac Newton in his Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica. Newton’s principles still hold true for the most part, as they are the basis of many introductory classical mechanics classes today. Despite being able to model the laws of ourContinue reading “How a Solar Eclipse Revolutionized Our Understanding of the Universe”

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